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In The Heart of Gold Country

Dear Feline Enthusiasts, friends and colleagues,

99 Lives – every life counts!  Please tweet, Instagram, and Facebook us to spread the news!

Help us give state-of-the-art health care to cats!

We are promoting a crowdfunding project called the “99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative”. With research collaborators, we have already pooled together 50 domestic cats genomes and also the genomes of Black-footed cats and Pallas cats.  We have already been successful with identifying two inherited blindnesses via this project and we are analyzing other traits.  All participating researchers have access to the full genome set of data.

Please help us to promote this crowdfunding effort to raise additional funds so that we can sequence more genomes of both domestic and exotic felids.  We hope to do eventually all breeds, species and sub-species / populations.  Healthy individuals are as important as cats with health problems and interesting traits.

Please follow and spread this link, watch our video and explore the website to get more details and to make a contribution to the project!

Any donation is appreciate – many $10 donations can make a difference!  Or just spread the news!

Donations are tax deductible and 97% goes to the research effort!

Best regards,


Leslie A. Lyons, PhD
Gilbreath-McLorn Endowed Professor of Comparative Medicine
Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
College of Veterinary Medicine
E109 Vet Med Building, 1600 E. Rollins St.
University of Missouri - Columbia
C olumbia, MO 65211  Phone: 01 573 882 9777
Lab: 01 573 884 2287 Lab e-mail:
Professor Emerita - University of California - Davis

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Fire N Ice

SLP Male Breeder
Blue Collar Worker

SLP Male Pet


SLP Female Breeder


Brown Marble Male

Ghost Shadow
Charcoal Marble Male

Poetry In Motion

Brown Rosetted
female Pet


Brown Rosetted
female Pet
Tim McGraw

Brown Rosetted Male
Breeder or Top Pet


Simply Blessed Bengals (Formerly know as Simply Simes Bengals)
Bengal cats and Bengal kittens from quality California breeder
star Stars didn't just appear in the heavens,
they were created!


Here are two shining stars:
Leslie Hall of Junglebook and RW SGC Simplysimes A Touchofmink
Photo's courtesy of Caroline Gardner

Les Hall has a motto "The Vision Continues".
We would like to add and "The Journey Continues".
We all have a vision, a journey, and a destination.
We pray that your vision, your journey, and your destination
will lead you to a place of peace, love, and Joy!!!


We are a Bengal cattery striving to breed cats with great personalities, correct type, large nocturnal eyes,
small rounded ears, wide whisker pads, soft plush coats, excellent contrast and full thick tails.
We are breeding spotted and marbled Bengals, in brown, silver, charcoal, and snow.

Beth Bearry & Lori Bearry
Jackson, CA 95642
(209) 223-3040 or (209) 223-2567

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Proud Members of TICA
To recognize our friends and Bengal breeders who have helped and encouraged us.)

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