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~ A Simply Delightful Breeding ~
Madison x IW SGC Custom Made, Born 10-6-04

SGC Calcatta's Custom Made  Foothill Felines  Madison
IW SGC Calcatta's Custom Made &
Foothill Felines Madison
(Photos Courtesy of Christina Dahleen
& Holly Webber

Madison and IW SGC Custom Made Kittens.
A Simply Beautiful Litter of 4

Foothill Felines Madison bred to IW SGC Calcatta's Custom Made.
Aren't they simply precious?

Gorgeous marble female.
Beautiful Marble Female

Gorgeous spotted female.
Spectacular Spotted Female

Brown Spotted male.
Brown Spotted Male #1

Brown Spotted male #2.
Brown Spotted Male #2

Brown Spotted male #2.
All these kittens have wild heads
with strong chins and muzzles

GALLERY, Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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