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No one can be as graceful as I am to Simply Blessed Bengals. Beth and Lori are really sweet. They answered every question I have and taught me a lot more. I adopted Sno Puyor from them and brought him to our very first cat show. He got a 3rd and a 5th best SH kittens All Breed! Now we are living in China and Sno Puyor has grown so much. I love love love him! Thank you Beth and Lori.

My husband Dale and I did quite a bit of research before we decided on the Bengal breed of kitty for our pet. We initially only wanted one male, but after weeks of calling and emailing Bengal catteries, alas, we found we couldn't afford a pure bred Bengal. So, we began calling breeders who had mixed kittens but found none available in January.

We Then I ran across Lori and Beth's Beary's website: Simply Blessed Bengals. We called them and Lori returned our call immediately. At first they said the same thing, that we'd have to wait until Spring but then called us back and told us they had two males, with HCM that were 10 months old at a very reasonable price. We agreed to go see them, and they agreed to take some of the fee off in exchange for some persimmons that I had When we went to see them we fell in love with them, especially the smaller one immediately.

When Lori opened their kennel, he jumped in my arms. And the older one was a bit more stand offish, but I have had a lot of experience with cats, so we agreed. The very first night, the younger one, who we named Enki kept going in to get his brother to play with us and within a week they had both acclimated to our home. They both slept on our bed with us. The older one Dale named Pi, after the movie “The Life Of Pi” We were in love with these cats. I taught Pi to fetch within two weeks and jump and they both knew their names and responded within two weeks. Bengals are very intelligent cats, would have to wait until Spring. mentioned I was in the middle of freezing. (We had extra). loving, loyal and very affectionate. We will never have another breed.

Well, unfortunately Enki passed away within two months of a virus and we were heartbroken. We called the Beary's to let them know about the virus so they could check for signs with other kitties. No signs, which is very common with this rare virus. About a week after we buried Enki in our yard, Lori called and asked us if we wanted Pi's Mother and half­sister. As Pi was nice and settled in and spoiled rotten by now, we had to think it over. We decided, ultimately that it wouldn't be fair to him to not have at least one playmate, so we agreed to come meet them. I took one look at their darling little faces, (I had met the mother briefly before), and they were just so sweet we decided we would make it work. Seeing these beautiful playful Cats running through our home and playing together, sleeping on our bed and bathing each other at night has reaffirmed that our decision was the right one.

We love these kitties as if they were our children. We are now thinking of I can't imagine life without this guy and the girls in it. They have given us more joy and building them a fenced in play yard outside our family room. laughter, warmth and love that we could ever have dreamed of.



I was looking for a Northern California Bengal breeder and had heard good things about Simply Blessed Bengals so I decided to give them a call.  My first impression was very positive as the breeders spent time telling me about their cattery, what kittens they had available and e-mailed me pictures.  I could tell right away that they were conscientious and dedicated breeders and someone I would trust to buy a kitten from.

I now have four cats I've gotten from Simply Blessed Bengals and all of them have had sweet temperaments, beautiful markings, were well socialized and healthy.

It was really a pleasure dealing with Beth and Lori Bearry as they are genuinely interested in seeing that their cats go to loving homes and they go the extra mile for you.
Joan Robbins 


Dear Beth and Lori,

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your beautiful Bengals for the past 15 years. You were the first Bengal breeders to come to me concerned about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in the breed. You raised awareness about this disease not only with me, but with other breeders. Fortunately, other breeders have followed suit and are attempting to rid the breed of this devastating heart disease. Whenever I hear that you are on my schedule, it makes me happy because I enjoy our personal interactions and I can trust that your cats will be easy to work with. You breed Bengals that are gorgeous, healthy and have lovely temperaments. I would highly recommend your cattery to anyone interested in purchasing one of these superb cats.


Lori Siemens, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)



Dear Beth and Lori
Simply Blessed Bengals / Simply Simes Bengals;

Please accept this letter as a professional reference and recommendation to any potential buyers of your Bengals cats based on my experience with your cattery in obtaining a healthy, beautiful cat with the sweetest - sound temperament AND also serves as advise for those searching for reputable bengal breeder.

I was pleasantly surprised right from the beginning of my experience with you to find that your biggest concern was proving a healthy and parasite free cat to me.  But you took it to the next level by having my cat DNA tested for Tri-Tric.  Of all the breeders I contacted in California (at least 20 of the larger cateries throughout California) you were the only breeders who not only spoke openly about Tri-Tric and it's devastating effect, but most importantly, you were the only breeders who invested the time and money to have my cat tested.  This alone is testament to the high level you place on the health of your cats, which sadly is often overlooked by other breeders due "profit over health" as a standard to run their business.  Frankly, all other breeder ended communication when I questioned Tri-Tric testing.

For any potential customers you have, I would be happy to speak with them over the phone should they require further information about my experience in finding and researching breeders,   the importance of breeders placing health as a top priority of their Cattery, or should anyone have question about my previous experience in buying a bengal infected with Tri-Tric, please do not hesitate to pass my phone number on.  After all, information is power and I appreciate your efforts to educate potential buyers.

Thank you for your dedication to this wonderful breed and for providing the highest standard placed on health.

It was a pleasure to get to know the two of you and I wish you both the very best in the future.

Michelle Martner



Dear Beth and Lori,

I'm sorry for coming back to you so late but I've been so busy, then sick and I moved into a new apartment last week so it was a lot of organization.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased and blessed I am with Cloud. He's such a wonderful kitty. Flying from NYC to Sacramento to pick him up was the best decision I've ever made. I was not crazy about letting the cat flying in by himself and when you told me on the phone you weren't either, I knew I was dealing with a breeder that cares for his animals.
I was so tired after the flight and you were so nice with me. Explaining me all I had to know about my new kitty and even offering me the meal was amazing and so nice.

As for Cloud,  my beautiful seal mink spotted,  he's  gonna be a big boy with the real bengal character!! Vocal, always hungry, laying on the top of the cabinets in the kitchen (highest spot), very curious and following me everywhere around the apartment. If he's sleeping or just laying next to me and I get up, he's gonna follow. He's a purr machine and loves his girlfriend, my older bengal, they can spend hours looking outside the window. Sometimes when she's comfortably sleeping he likes to wake her up and then just leave! He's such a character and a funny kitty. He plays fetch and never gets tired, I always stop before him.

I love him,  he's so beautiful and makes quiet an impression when people come to visit me.He's a 100 times more handsome than the pictures I saw on the website. So imagine my surprise when I met him.

Thank you so much, thank you for being good breeders and keep up the good work,  you are the best!


Ps: for the window, there is a screen protection and I never leave the window open while I'm away ;)


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